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“Beauty therapist” and “beautician” are both titles, which refer to or broadly describe two occupations within the diverse beauty field, although many people use these two terms interchangeably. Amongst some, there is a difference, although sometimes subtle, while others are of the opinion that no difference exists.

Typically, both disciplines are presented by and studied at reputable, professional schools of beauty, like Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School. It is one of the longest standing, most highly regarded facilities of its kind in South Africa.

We were established in 1965, and are still providing outstanding education and training to beauty students at our specialised school. Moreover, Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School is still owned and managed by direct descendants of our founder.


While the jury is still out on a definitive difference between the roles of beauticians and beauty therapists, certain sources indicate that there is some variance, which in turn, varies between beauty schools and countries.

Consequently, we will highlight a few obvious distinctions, based on basic research and the intensive, comprehensive courses offered at Face to Face, with a focus on our course content and qualifications, certificate or diploma, as well as relevant national and international accreditation.

Upon qualification, our students are awarded diplomas for three of our beautician courses, whilst certificates are issued for the other four. Essentially, at Face to Face, our beauty or beautician courses primarily relate to exterior appearance, with the assistance of make-up application, its design, and additional specialities, such as prosthetics and special effects.

Limited treatments, like manicures, pedicures, and skincare therapy are included in our Make-Up Styling and Aesthetics Technology course content. All seven courses require full-time study. Three of them also offer part-time options.

Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapy at Face to Face involves three years of full-time study, spread into three annual modules, with each module/year carrying its own, individual qualification. Each year’s programme must be completed successfully, before learners can progress to the next course and year.

  • 1st year – Beauty Specialist: It concludes with a certificate, after which learners may apply for international recognition by successfully completing four ITEC certificate programmes.
  • 2nd year – Body Therapy: Once all credits for the first and second years have been attained, learners earn the Face to Face Health & Skincare Diploma, plus the International Diploma in Health & Skincare Therapy. We recommend that our beauty therapy students also apply to write optional exams for one CIDESCO- and six ITEC diplomas, which earn them membership of these leading international bodies.
  • 3rd year – Spa Therapy: This completes the three-year beauty therapy programme at Face to Face. International recognition may be earned by completing ITECs Diploma in Spa Treatments, plus CIDESCOs Diploma in Spa Therapy (for which a CIDESCO membership and their Diploma in Health & Skincare are prerequisites).

In conclusion, it is evident that the main difference between the role of a South African beautician and a beauty therapist, at our school, is the level of qualification, combined with the types of tasks that graduates are formally qualified to perform. Advanced treatments are included in the role of beauty therapists.

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