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The words “beauty therapy” often seems to evoke relaxing images and comforting emotions – gentle, soothing, calming and mild, non-invasive treatment for one or another non-threatening condition, or simply for overall holistic well-being. Indeed, this term incorporates some aspects and techniques taught at our college campuses in Parktown, Johannesburg, and Helderkruin, Roodepoort, just northwest of the city. 

Therapy, as a remedial or healing concept other than in the beauty field, was not always pleasant, relaxing or necessarily good for one, since certain such supposed remedial practices in days of yore were extremely harsh and often ineffective. Although there are persons who still swear by some of these antiquated procedures today, even if college or medical training never played a role in their development or use.

Unusual Therapies from Long Ago 

Bloodletting was a widely used remedy for any number of disorders and conditions, and this practice, like so many others, began with the ancient Egyptians. It was spread to Europe via the Greeks and Romans, and it reached its zenith in the 19th century, at the end of which the popularity of this therapy declined.

The methods used varied, as did the location of the site where bloodletting took place, depending on the suspected disorder, the organ in which the illness or imbalance was located and the patient’s personality type.Commonly, a vein was cut to extract disease-bearing blood and alternatively, a certain type of leech or a cupping procedure was employed.

Leeches were placed on the skin over the internal organ which was thought to be inflamed, and the leeches knew how to proceed to satisfy their appetites. For the latter therapy, skin was scraped with a specially designed square brass box containing a number of tiny knife blades, after which a heated glass dome was placed over the scraped site to remove the air and suction out blood.

Nowadays, only a few medical conditions are treated thus; metabolic iron level abnormalities and over-production of red blood cells are conditions sometimes treated by letting of blood. Whilst venous congestion is occasionally treated with leech therapy, as is the prevention of dying tissue at the site of injury or disease.

Washing one’s face in the first urine of the day was said to cure acne. Cleopatra bathed in donkey’s milk, whilst applying chicken dung made a young man’s beard grow, according to early folklore; eating carrots supposedly improved eyesight and ingesting lots of pumpkin was said to make hair curl at a time when curly locks were all the rage.

Latest Therapies Taught at College

As South Africa’s longest standing beauty, health, skin, therapy, make-up design and special effects academy, we offer extensive curricula encompassing a full range of relevant tuition, utilising the latest equipment, technologies and methods, as well as state-of-the-art products.

Specialised beauty therapy training consists of three 1 year full-time diploma courses at our Johannesburg and Roodepoort college premises. The training begins with the first year’s beauty specialist qualification, second year’s body therapy and finally, in the third year, a spa therapy diploma. After each completed year, successful candidates may apply for international recognition by completing the required relevant certificate or diploma accreditation examinations.

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