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Professional Beauty Therapy College Education Secures Your Career Opportunities 

Beauty has always been uppermost in the minds of women and men alike, albeit possibly from different perspectives. However, the therapeutic aspect of this subject takes it to an entirely different level, particularly when approached as a profession and as a career objective in which college qualifications may (and should) be obtained. 

In days of yore, most beauty products, treatments and therapies were largely untested and unregulated, and depended on the beliefs of unqualified practitioners who had recognised the opportunities which this industry offered; formal, accredited college courses in aesthetics did not exist.

Respected Profession

Today, beauty therapy is a well-respected, highly regarded profession. As such, there is absolutely no future in this highly competitive profession for anyone without a recognised and accredited qualification. In fact, without at least one diploma, you won’t even obtain gainful employment in this field.

The World is Yours

The more qualifications that you have, the more opportunities await you and the higher the income you will be able to command. If your diplomas are internationally recognised, the world is your oyster; opportunities abound and you can choose where you want to work – anywhere in the world – a great way to explore other countries and experience other cultures.

Don’t Compromise 

Unless you are fortunate to have a large bursary, all tertiary education costs money. Do not waste yours by enrolling at a college or institution which offers sub-standard tuition and non-accredited courses – their so-called diplomas may not be worth the paper on which they are printed.

Do not compromise on standards and quality, when it comes to your career-directed education and qualifications, as it is possible that you may be wasting your money and your time.

Undertake some research, speak to people already working in the industry and select your college with care; your career and future prospects depend on it. Select an institution with a good reputation, which offers nationally and internationally accredited curricula, a college like ours, established in 1965 to further the highest possible internationally accepted standards and techniques in the industry.

Diploma Courses 

Our full-time diploma courses cater for students who wish to enter the challenging world of make-up artistry and special effects, and/or beauty therapy. All subjects in each course and each particular year’s field of study are in-depth and comprehensively covered.

Part-time Studies 

Modular part time make-up and beauty courses are designed for learners who wish to improve their skills in a variety of specialities, including image consulting, fashion hairstyles, special occasion make-up and procedures, such as reflexology, aromatherapy, nail technology, waxing, massage and various other supplementary aesthetic services.

On successful completion, students are issued with a certificate. We are proud to say that certificates issued by our reputable institution are widely accepted and sought after. In fact, those who qualify through our beauty college have a distinct advantage over students from numerous other institutions.

Career Opportunities 

Equipped with a sought-after qualification, the positive attitude and confidence that comes from knowing that you are expertly trained by our beauty therapy college, you will find a host of career opportunities awaiting you, from working in or owning a salon, to assisting dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, or entering the exciting world of film, television, theatre, fashion houses, celebrity artistry or cosmetic companies.

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