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As science, technology and knowledge advances and increases, more and more services, products and influencing aspects of modern life are becoming specialised, and this is particularly true of the beauty industry. This is an industry where pure talent, a creative mind, plus a few skin care and make-up products, are no longer enough; one needs to attend courses, study and qualify, in order to secure employment in this highly competitive field. 

Additionally, you may have dreams of opening your own salon or studio one day, making it even more imperative that you complete a beauty specialist course, but not at just any old school or the one offering the cheapest rates in town.

Look for the Best Possible Curriculum and School 

Comprehensive, high-quality course content, qualified and experienced lecturers, and an institution with an excellent reputation is what you ideally require. The better the school, the better qualified you will be on completion of your studies and the easier it will be to get a job at the salon of your choice, rather than the only one which makes you an offer.

Do a little research and talk to people in the industry; enable yourself to make an informed decision about exactly which course/s best suit your future career plans, and check the credentials of those schools in which you are interested.

Overseas Travel 

Chances are good that if you are undertaking post-school studies, you are still young, possibly wanting to travel and see the world – a very expensive exercise these days, when the South African Rand is relatively weak in comparison to other currencies, thus taking international travel way beyond the reach of many tourists and leisure travellers from our country.

Providing you equip yourself with an internationally recognised and accredited qualification in the specialised beauty arena, you will be able to travel to and work almost anywhere in the world, the ideal way to experience all that other countries and cultures have to offer.

Qualify Locally, Travel and Earn a Living Abroad 

It is possible to attend courses, study, complete your required hours of practical training, sit for your examinations and qualify locally, right on your doorstep in either Parktown North, Johannesburg or Helderkruin, Roodepoort, our academy’s two main accredited training sites.

By doing so, you will equip yourself with nationally registered qualifications, aligned with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), which are internationally accredited, covering  health, skin care, make-up design, special effects and beauty specialities. Thereafter, you may work wherever you choose, as and when opportunities present themselves.

It All Began in 1965 

Our founder, Mrs Rhona Greaves, established our prestigious training academy in 1965, making us the longest established, specialised beauty school in South Africa. We remain proud of and true to our roots as a professional school upholding the highest standards throughout these many years.

Teachers comprise of some of the best trained, most highly qualified beauty experts to be found in South Africa, and the academic staff member to student ratio is outstanding, ensuring that all learners receive the best level of dedicated attention and education. Within our academy, only the latest, most up-to-date equipment, products and techniques are used.

The World is your Oyster 

It is all there, just waiting for you and you can make of it whatever you choose; opportunities are virtually limitless. Enrol today, assured that you are getting the highest standards of beauty specialist courses and education – the first, most important step in building a bright, successful career.

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