Beauty Schools in Johannesburg

Tips to Choose a Reputable Beauty School in Johannesburg

Even a quick browse on the internet will reveal that there are numerous beauty schools in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, but not all are equal, nor do they all offer the same type or level of training, or cover the same subjects in equal depth and detail. 

It is vitally important that prospective learners planning to study at one of Johannesburg’s many beauty schools do some research before enrolling, because their future careers depend on picking the right institution, offering subjects and accredited qualifications which best suit their dreams, aspirations and goals.

Keep in mind that students require tuition and training to gain relevant theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in order to pass their tests and examinations, obtain a recognised qualification and be immediately employable in their chosen field once qualified, and thus a whole lot depends on making the optimal beauty school choice.

Check Bona Fides 

Unfortunately, in recent years a number of so-called academic institutions, which were nothing more than money making scams, preying on young people eager to obtain an education, have been identified and exposed for what they really were – charlatans.

Make very certain that any beauty school which you are considering is well-established, accredited and worthy of recognition within the challenging beauty field. Establish their accreditation and the bodies with which they claim to be accredited; accreditation with a meaningless body is just that.

Major Accreditation Bodies 

  • CIDESCO (Zurich) – Comite International d’Esthétique et de Cosmetologie furthers the professional integrity and competence of beauty therapists, make-up and special effects artists, while liaising with related medical bodies and disseminating the latest information, knowledge and techniques through its 130 accredited academies worldwide. 
  • ITEC (UK)sets benchmark educational standards of beauty, make-up and related therapies throughout more than 38 countries. Candidates who have successfully completed ITEK courses are equipped with an internationally recognised qualification, able to work in anywhere. 
  • City & Guilds (London) – the largest, well respected international body, offering a range of diverse examinations and qualifications in health and skin care. 
  • Services Seta/South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) – relevant bona fide academies and their educational courses in this country are required to be accredited with Services Seta. 

We Qualify 

Our beauty and make-up design school, established in 1965, ticks all the important certification boxes; we’re the only beauty and make-up design CIDESCO accredited training institution in South Africa, a provider of various ITEC courses, and accredited with City & Guilds and Services Seta, in addition to being the only nationally and internationally recognised make-up design school and special effects academy on the African continent.

Once our learners have successfully completed a full training programme, we encourage them to sit for their international membership examinations in order to work overseas if they like, expanding their career opportunities and CVs through international exposure and experience. 

Professional, Top Level Education and Training 

We don’t cut corners or compromise on the high standards of tuition offered to our part and full time students; our academic tutors are qualified professional artists in their own right, each with a passion for his/her field of specialisation and the ability and enthusiasm to train others to achieve their career dreams. Simply put – we’re the pick of beauty schools in Johannesburg – and beyond.

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