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Accredited Avant-garde Make-up Training


Avant-garde make-up demonstrates the height of innovative cosmetic design, the ultimate achievement of a highly talented, creative and imaginative mind, a very steady, skilled hand and the most inventive application of top-quality, professional products.




The term “avant-garde” is most often used in an artistic sense, often referring to fashion, make-up, music or other performing art, or literature. Its origin is French and it translates to mean “vanguard” or “advance guard”, indicating that the art to which it refers is forward thinking, inventive, different from the norm or ahead of its time, experimental or unusual.



From Beautiful to Weird



Many cosmetic wizards are delighted when asked to transform a person’s appearance, creating a unique avant-garde look, since this normally implies that the make-up artist has free reign to let their imaginative powers go in any direction, the more unorthodox, the better.



The look may be breathtakingly beautiful or downright weird (to some observers). Avant-garde make-up is generally seen on the stage, in film, magazine advertising or on the catwalks of high fashion or hair shows, where customary cosmetic application would detract from the highlighted item on show.



Modern professional cosmetics are available across a wide range of products, many of which have been designed to enable the artist to achieve a multitude of looks, which could extend from the sublime, to the extraordinary, most applicable to a fantasy world.



Such cosmetic procedures also include body paint, specially developed to be safe whilst allowing skin to breathe, nail art, temporary tattoos, stencils, glitter, bling, metallic effects and accessories.



One never knows just which of today’s unusual looks will become tomorrow’s fashion trends. During the heyday of Hollywood films, particularly when Elizabeth Taylor starred in Cleopatra, cat’s eyes became the “in thing”.



Later, during the 1960s, Twiggy wore loads of mascara and had prominent, spiky lashes painted onto her lower lids. These then, avant-garde looks were quickly copied and adopted by fashion conscious women throughout the world, becoming the rule, rather than the exception.



Avant-garde Make-up Training



Although this art form and its related techniques are but one of the beauty disciplines in which one may specialise, our beauty academy offers several courses which include avant-garde processes as a subject.



Learners may choose between three programmes – Make-up Design and Artistry, Prosthetics and Special Effects or Make-up Design & Aesthetics, (both requiring one year’s full-time study), or a six month full-time/one year part-time Make-up Artistry course.



Upon successful completion of the highly sought-after latter option, graduates earn a certificate, whilst a diploma is issued for the former two, which have a wider, more in-depth list of subjects. The third option is ideal for those who wish to be ahead of their competitors and would enjoy meeting well-known people and celebrities. This module is presented at our Parktown head office campus.



The main difference between options one and two lies in what is covered in the Special Effects and Prosthetics section in the first case, and the Make-up Design and Aesthetics module in the second instance.



With close on 50 years of top notch, intensive industry education experience, our college remains the best beauty school at which to qualify in accredited avant-garde make-up and numerous other beauty disciplines.


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