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Reflexology Fundamentals & Benefits

Reflexology - Face to Face Beauth & Makeup Design SchoolEnduring Benefits of Reflexology

Across the world, there is an awareness that history tends to repeat itself across all walks of life. Fashions, trends, tendencies, beliefs, and the popularity of old or ancient treatments, therapies, and remedies come and go, only to return again in a never-ending cycle of repetition.

Easy Hair Styling

Hair Styling - Face to Face Beauty and Makeup Design SchoolHandling Hair Styling with Ease

There is an experience that all women have in common – having a bad hair day. Perhaps tresses simply won’t do what’s expected of them, or someone has bought a special outfit for a really special occasion, but the arrangement of her crowning glory lets her down, and doesn’t suit the outfit, the occasion, or her overall look, one which she’s envisioned right from the word “go”.

More About Reflexology

reflexologyDemystifying Reflexology

There is nothing at all that is mysterious or mystical about reflexology. It is merely a non-invasive alternative treatment and therapy, which is based on ancient knowledge and medicinal practices, as well as theories and principles that are linked to a body’s reflexes.

All Eyes on Eye Make-Up

Eye Make-Up - Face to Face

Can you believe that sophisticated, modern eye make-up, which is formulated to be hypoallergenic, non-irritating to contact lens wearers, and is dermatologically tested is not that far removed from the concoctions that were applied in ancient times?

Applying Natural Looking Make-Up

How to Apply Makeup - Face to FaceHow to Apply Natural Looking Eye Make-Up

Irrespective of the time of day or the occasion, it is really important to know how to apply eye make-up correctly, since it is just as easy to get it right as it is to get it wrong, and if eye make-up goes wrong, your entire appearance may be ruined.

Reflexology and Feet

reflexologyReflexology – Feet are Fundamental

We take them for granted and barely give them a second thought – unless something goes wrong and they cause us pain or discomfort. What are they? We are talking about your feet, a pair of the most essential, truly hardworking extremities found in the lowest part of the human body.

Beautiful Wedding Make-up

Wedding Make-up Artists - Face to FaceWedding Make-Up for Beautiful Brides

“I’m getting married in the morning” (or afternoon or evening), “Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime”, and “spruced up and lookin’ in me prime” are all memorable, catchy lines or lyrics as they appear in the iconic song that featured prominently in the renowned musical show: My Fair Lady.

Excellent Eyebrow Shaping

Excellent Eyebrow Shaping - Face to FaceEasy Route to Excellent Eyebrow Shaping

According to a popular saying, your eyes are the windows to your soul. If so, then one may conclude that the eyebrows are the frames of the windows. Indeed, their form either enhances the eyes and their shapes, or alternatively, may detract from their aesthetic appeal and balance. A single pair of eyes may have markedly different shapes, but by shaping brows identically, such variations are minimised.


Face to Face - Reflexology CourseReviewing Reflexology

When one hears the word “reflex”, an automatic, involuntary action automatically comes to mind, correctly so in most instances. However, the practice of a supplementary and complementary therapy with ancient origins, reflexology, involves far more than a mere automatic reflex in response to an action or condition.

Wow Factor Wedding Makeup

Face to Face - Wedding MakeupWedding Make-Up that Enhances the Wow Factor

Of all the days of her life, there is one particular day when a girl wants to look and feel her very best. It is her eagerly anticipated wedding day, the day upon which she wishes to wow her groom, family and loved ones, special friends, and other invited guests with every aspect of a radiant appearance and glowing complexion, enhanced by subtle, suitable make-up.

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