An Important Place for Part-Time Beauty Courses

You may want to find a beauty school that offers part-time beauty courses for any number of reasons, but one of your likely motivations to do so is surely a keen interest or passion for all things beauty-related. It is possible that you wish to expand on your knowledge of one or more beauty disciplines and/or techniques, simply for your own information and use.

Most of our part-time learners either want to establish their own beauty credentials to run their own small businesses, or wish to utilise their newly gained knowledge by working part-time with or for a fully qualified, professional beauty specialist or professional salon. The latter would require you to have more hands-on knowledge and experience in your particular field than a complete layperson would have, as well as a certificate from a reputable beauty academy.

Alternatively, you may decide to undertake a few part-time beauty courses to establish, once and for all, whether a career in a particular field of the beauty industry would suit you or is the right one for you, prior to enrolling at a beauty school for professional, recognised, and accredited formal beauty education and training.

Part-Time Beauty Training by Professionals

The reasons why may be secondary to your commitment and determination to acquire and enhance your beauty skills with part-time training, which conveniently fits into your own personal schedule, or enables you to work around your daily responsibilities.

As a leading, long established South African beauty academy with national and international registration and credentials, Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School is at the forefront of education and training in the beauty field, in which we have been intimately involved since the founding of our institute in 1965. Since then, we have grown and gone from strength to strength, both in terms of the size of our school, the increasing numbers of students whom we train, and the variety and content of our beauty courses.

Part-time courses were a later addition to the programmes at Face to Face. Today, we offer a variety of part-time courses – four short courses regarding Make-Up, plus a total of eight in the Beauty collection.

Our part-time courses are presented in multiple modules of varying duration. At the successful conclusion of each, successful participants are awarded a certificate, relevant to the part-time course which they have completed, commensurate with our professional standards. Sessions for all our part-time beauty courses are three and a half hours.

  • Nail Technology – 15 sessions
  • Manicure and Pedicure – 8 sessions
  • Skin Care and Eye Therapy – 10 to 12 sessions
  • Eyelash Extension – 3 sessions *
  • Waxing – 8 sessions
  • Swedish and Relax/Holistic Massage – 8 sessions
  • Aromatherapy – 8 sessions
  • Reflexology – 10 sessions

Kindly note that * indicates that the certificate issued on completion of the part-time Eyelash Extensions course is for attendance.

Despite being completed in a relatively short period of time, and presentation being on a part-time basis, these beauty courses are nevertheless quite comprehensive, incorporating theory of relevant anatomy and/or physiology, in addition to treatments, therapies, techniques, products, and client comfort.

At Face to Face Beauty and Make-Up Design School, we do not skip a beat, step, or standard, because we are professional, and we want our part-time course learners to do themselves proud in the wonderful world of beauty.

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