5 Reasons Hairstyling Tops the List for All-Round Career Satisfaction

The global hair care market reached US$ 91 Billion in 2019 and, according to estimates from the Fortune Insights Report for 2019-2026 will reach US$ 111.98 Billion by 2026. This means means if you’re an outgoing creative that keeps up with all the latest hair trends and aspires to travel and become an entrepreneur someday, its time you explore a career in hairstyling. Here’s why hairstyling tops the list of the happiest careers.

  1. Career Fulfillment—although the hair care industry is competitive, there’s no better career than one that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Stylists who are ambitious and take professionalism seriously can make a lucrative living anywhere they lay down their shears. 
  • Flexibility—stylists can be independent;  can tailor their hours to fit their lifestyles, and can do what they do best anywhere they lay down their cutting tools.
  • Artistic Freedom—being a hairstylist provides daily opportunities to change the lives of people in more ways than one. Hairstyling is an art, and being able to use your creativity to help people express who they are, will give you both satisfaction and the freedom to innovate.
  • Career Opportunities—hairstyling is a skill and service that you can take anywhere. You can travel and work, find a hairstyling job on a cruise liner, work in a spa or lodge, or can book ar chair in a salon and be your own boss. It is a career that provides many freelance opportunities for those looking to enter the bridal, fashion and media industries.
  • Job Security—today, itis handy to know a trade. Hair care is far from a luxury. Even in a global pandemic, people will drive hours and break laws for a haircut. Hairstylists are always in demand, especially if they are on-trend.

Nothing is more rewarding than following a career you are passionate about, especially a career such as hairstyling. It’s social and artistic. You always meet new people, get to change lives for the better, and your clients treat you like a rock star, all while you are making good money.

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