3 Common Eyebrow Shaping Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

Eyebrow ShapingLost control of the tweezers again while watching that new gripping Netflix series, or are you in need of some weed brow whacking but worried you might mess them up like you do every time? Everyone knows that a well-groomed set of brows frames the face, but not everyone is born with perfect brows. Consequently, they must endlessly tweeze, pluck and shape – but when they’re too thin, too dark, or plain wrong, they do not complement. Here are three common eyebrow shaping mistakes to avoid.


  1. Follow Your Natural Arch

Messing around with your eyebrows is a grave matter as an imperfect set of brows can attract the wrong kind of attention. Fortunately, everyone has a natural arch, and you cannot go wrong when you embrace it. To find yours, outline both the top and bottom lines of your brows with a light-coloured pencil – your natural arch is where both lines mount.


  1. NEVER Tweeze from the Top

Life isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean your eyebrows can’t be. That said, if you’re going to tweeze, do it properly – and that means plucking from below and not from the top. You can achieve perfect brows by using a mirror, avoiding nervousness or boredom plucking, and only ever tweezing from below.


  1. Patience and Eye Shadow

A perfect set of polished brows flaunts the power to highlight the eyes, reshape the face, correct facial flaws, and add youthfulness. However, unlike smacking on lipstick and blusher in a couple of seconds, eyebrow shaping demands time and patience. Taking your time, create baby strokes towards your brow hairs with a thin pencil that is one shade darker than your hair colour. If you’re part of the over-40s club and are thinning, colour your brows with eye shadow as it adds the illusion of thick, bushy brows. And it always looks natural.

Anyone can remove stray arch hairs, but eyebrow shaping is a whole new playing field. Find more tips on our blog or browse our short online courses in eyebrow shaping, hair styling, makeup artistry, massage, reflexology and more.

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