How to Apply Make-Up

How to Apply Make-Up Like a Pro – 5 Basic Tips for a Natural Face, Lips, and Eyes

Do you love make-up? We bet you do! In fact, few women don’t have a secret love affair with make-up. But, do you ever wonder if you’re applying it right? All women deserve to be taught how to apply their make-up like a professional. Whether you’re interested in learning how to master your own make-up or you’re looking to get into the industry, get ready for a basic make-up 101 lesson – class is now in session!

#1 The Key to a Naturally Flawless Face Begins with Skin Preparation

Creating the perfect canvas for your make-up starts by cleansing, toning, and moisturising your face. Once your skin is clean, it’s time to move on to the actual application part.  

#2 Use a Foundation that is a Shade Lighter Than Your Skin Tone

One of the most important steps to creating a flawless complexion is to start with the correct foundation. Starting at the centre of your face, using either a flat foundation brush or a sponge, blend the foundation in thin layers. Remember, you’re not applying a mask. You’re trying to create an even tone that makes your face look smooth and natural

#3 Highlight Your Cheek Bones

Finally, to create a healthy, radiant glow, sweep a touch of rose blush under your cheekbones and up along your hairline. If you want to appear sun-kissed, apply a bronzer as well.  

#5 Create Lush-Looking Lips

Using a colour that matches your inner lip, apply your lipstick to the centre of your mouth where colour tends to wear off first. Once you’ve blended the lipstick out over your lips, pat the colour on with your fingertip to help it stay on longer. If you have a love affair with make-up, but need to learn the skills and tricks of the trade, then why not enrol in a short make-up course at Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School. Contact us to find out about our short weekend make-up tutorials.    


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