The Merits of Attending a Beauty Therapy College

When you want to pursue a competitive career in a crowded sector, such as the beauty industry, the harsh truth is that you need more than just talent. There are millions of talented beauticians and make-up artists out there today. You need something more to set yourself apart. By attending a reputable and registered beauty therapy college with a great industry reputation, you will give yourself the platform needed to launch a successful and lucrative career as a beauty professional.

Stand Out as a Qualified Image Consultant with an Accredited Course

Let’s be honest, the image consultancy industry is very niche, and super exclusive. To break into this industry, you need more than guts, determination and talent, you need something that’ll set you apart from the rest of the tenacious consultants out there. Studying accredited image consultant courses not only provides you with a leg up over your competition, but also teaches you about all the fundamentals needed to make your impact on the industry, and to add value to your clients’ lives.

Study While You Earn with Part-Time Accredited Beauty Courses

Many people don’t have the luxury of taking off from work to pursue full-time studies, but this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dreams of becoming a qualified beautician and beauty professional. At Face to Face Beauty & Make-up Design School, we’ve designed numerous modular and part-time beauty courses for the learner or post-graduate learner looking to expand their skills in the health and skincare, make-up and beauty industries.

Bridal Make-Up

Choosing the Best Foundation for Bridal Make-Up

Just like shoes and jeans, foundation is a difficult thing to shop for. This is especially true when you’re shopping for your clients, as you can’t buy a large stock list of your favourite foundation and use it on every single bride. It is highly likely that most of your bridal clients will have different complexions.

Hairdressing Courses

Exciting Hairdressing Trends in South Africa

Everything from the latest products and technologies, to the most flattering styles and trends, you need to stay up to date with what’s happening in the hairdressing industry if you want to retain a competitive edge among your competitors. Failure to do so may leave you out in the cold, as you see your clients trot off to your competitor next door. Here are some tips:

Professional Make-Up Johannesburg

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Professional Make-Up Qualification

Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city, and a cosmopolitan beacon to the continent, welcoming many people to the sunny city throughout the year. In order for any beauty professional to stand out from the crowded marketplace, you have to have something more than mere talent and enthusiasm, which abound in the industry. You need to have an edge over your competitors, and taking up a professional make-up qualification is exactly what can help you set yourself apart.

Part-time Make Up Course

Pursue Career Success While Completing a Part-Time Make-Up Course

One of the great benefits of studying part time is that you can still work full time and earn a living wage. It is an unobtrusive way of furthering your knowledge and expertise, while not encroaching on your job’s responsibilities. And what better way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the competitive make-up industry than to take up a part-time make-up course from South Africa’s most respected and longest established beauty academy?

Image Consultancy

Making a Successful Career Out of Image Consultancy

The rise of the image consultant in South Africa has been swift. As more and more people are striving to climb the professional and social ranks of society in South Africa, many modern and forward-thinking South Africans are turning to image consultancy for help in reaching their goals. This also poses an opportunity to social butterflies who want to make a career out of helping people put their best foot forward.

Occasion Make-Up

Set Yourself Apart with Expert Occasion Make-Up Skills from a Celebrated Beauty Academy

Entering and competing in a competitive sector such as the beauty industry requires more than talent and passion. You have to have something that helps you stand out above the rest. Utilise your uniqueness, talent and passion by combining it with a qualification from South Africa’s longest established beauty academy. We are the longest established specialist training academy in beauty, make-up design and special effects in South Africa.

Body Therapy Diploma

What’s the Point in Getting a Body Therapy Diploma?

Solidifying your experience and expertise is a must if you want to join any of a variety of professional industry watchdogs and quality assurance organisations. It is also a requirement if you want to market yourself as a dedicated and experienced professional to clients, and demand higher rates for your work. These are only a few of the reasons why it pays to invest in your personal and professional development, and completing a recognised diploma in body therapy.

International Diploma in Make-Up

Take Your Career Forward with an Internationally Accredited Diploma in Make-Up

Do you have a passion for make-up and beauty? That’s great, but you will need more than passion and drive to solidify yourself in the professional make-up industry. Whether you intend to work locally or abroad, you will come up against incredible talent, and you need every advantage to create an equal playing ground. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a recognised qualification to your name be the reason that your career lags behind others.

Nail Courses in South Africa

Be Discerning About Which Nail Courses in South Africa You Choose to Invest In

While there are many beauty academies and training colleges vying for your money, you should always be discerning when choosing where to spend your time and invest your money. Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School is an internationally recognised beauty academy in South Africa.

Bridal Make-up

Beat the Wedding Day Jitters with These Practical Bridal Make-up Tips

Whether you are the bride or the professional make-up artist, chances are that you will be dealing with a mix of jitters and nerves, come the big day. However, when it comes to the bridal make-up, you can relax, thanks to our handy tips to make the bride shine on her big day, and stand out for all the right reasons. Bridal make-up is an art form; it is different to all other forms of make-up, and should be treated as such.

Part Time Beauty Courses

Pressed for Time? Earn While You Learn with Accredited Part-time Beauty Courses

Who has the luxury of time and money for a full-time academic schedule these days? Many South Africans are lucky enough to complete their education on a full-time basis, but there are many more who need to support themselves and their families while pursuing professional qualifications. Why should you be excluded from bettering yourself and adding a recognised qualification in your industry to your name, merely because studying full-time is not an option for you?

Swedish Relax Massage

Up the Ante with a Swedish Relax Massage Qualification

As a massage and beauty therapist, you have a lot of competition vying for easing the stiffness from your clients’ bodies. In such a competitive industry, you need to have something that others don’t. While talent and charisma certainly play a part in being a successful beauty therapist, and having the ability to place clients at ease in a relaxing setting, you need the training required to produce results. Face to Face Beauty & Make-Up Design School offers our practical Swedish Relax Massage five-day short course to massage and beauty therapists eager to learn the required skills for entering the beauty and massage therapy industry. This course is aimed at individuals seeking to gain practical skills in a short time, with the benefit of receiving a certificate upon completion of the examination once the course concludes.

Beauty Schools in Johannesburg

Beauty Schools in Johannesburg Are Calling, Will You Answer?

Johannesburg is the pulse of Africa’s beauty industry. With its excellent eventing and convention infrastructure, fashion houses and events from all over the world are increasingly being hosted in South Africa’s largest city. So it only follows that the continent’s leading internationally accredited beauty schools call Johannesburg home.

Hair Styling Courses

Is Talent Everything, or Do Hair Styling Courses Really Add Value?

Hair has always had a powerful impact on a person’s personality, and there will always be a demand for skilled and professional, talented hair stylists. It is a satisfying career that offers job security wherever you are in the world, and you can look forward to helping your clients to be the best versions of themselves.

Image Consultancy

Putting Your Image Consultancy Career On the Line – Dos and Don’ts of Daisy Dukes

Imagine the following scenario: your client asks your professional advice on donning Daisy Dukes shorts. What do you do? It’s not an entirely unreasonable request, considering that spring is well underway and the sweltering thirties will soon be upon us, as summer kicks into full gear. It’s never nice advising clients against something that they really want to wear, but as an image consultancy professional, you have to be brutally honest at times.


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